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What will make your website stand out?

We create pages with passion. They are based on the Content Management System WordPress, one of the most-chosen content management systems in the world!

Easy to manage

You get a website with an easy to manage content system. This makes website management easier than ever.


Your website will be optimized for mobile devices and tablets while maintaining functionality and aesthetics.

Fast and optimized

We carry out optimization work for each project: we compress the code, photos, use caching systems (using the browser’s cache) so that users can browse your site quickly and comfortably.

Easy to expand

By using the well-known WordPress system, you have access to a repository of over 50,000 plugins and extensions that will allow you to increase the functionality of your website.

What page will be right for you?

If you need a website or want to improve the current one, here we are! We offer a comprehensive approach, from choosing a server, domain and system and graphic theme to implementing analytical tools.

We have 2020, so the standard is that the site will be adapted to all mobile devices, and optimized for current versions of web browsers.



Beauty Room

Beauty Room


Laura Kulej

Marco Game

Zabawa Taniec Energia

Przewodnik Portugalia

Naprawiamy to

Viadrina Tours

Viadrina Tours

CWS Szkolenia

CWS Szkolenia



Use Vegan

Use Vegan

Wax and the City

Wax and the City

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Questions and Answers


How much does it cost to create a website?

The cost of creating a website depends on individual pricing.

What is the time to create a simple website?

The creation time of a simple business card website is up to 2 weeks. In the case of good communication with the client and quick sending of a set of materials, the creation time of a website may be about 1 week.

What is included in the package?

  • domain and hosting selection per site (website address and network location),
  • uploading and configuring the WordPress content management system,
  • selection and implementation of the website theme,
  • adding web pages as required,
  • adding texts / marketing re-writing,
  • creating photo galleries and adapting photos to the needs of the site,
  • implementing contact forms and testing them,
  • chat configuration / Messenger chat on the site,
  • optimization of website speed,
  • website responsiveness,
  • site tests on a computer and mobile devices,
  • adapting the website to the needs of the GDPR (forms, privacy policy, information about cookies),
  • integration with the Google Analytics analytical panel,
  • adding the website to Google Search Console + installation and configuration of Yoast SEO,
  • Recaptcha anti-spam protection,
  • 1h training in using WordPress,
  • optional – adding and integration of the Newsletter service system.

What technologies and tools do we use to create the website?

  • WordPress – WordPress content management system
  • HTML
  • CSS / SCSS
  • JS
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Hotjar

What materials do I need to provide to create a website?

The required materials are:

Logo, contact details, social media addresses, prepared texts for the website structure developed together with the company. You should also prepare photos – at the customer’s request, we choose photos from free / paid photo banks.

What are the other fees after creating a website?

After creating the website, the only fixed fee is the annual hosting and domain maintenance (about 50 EUR).  At the request of the customer, we deal with the maintenance and adding of new content on the site – but this is additional and optional service.