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Internet marketing

Google Ads

Text and product ads in Google search engine. Graphic banners and video ads on the most popular YouTube platform. These are the possibilities offered by the Google Ads platform.


Precise steering options. Be where they are looking. Build awareness by targeting specific audiences on YouTube and the Google Display Network.


Full integration with analytical tools like Google Analytics ensures that all activities that users perform on the website are measured, as well as a comparison of the effectiveness of the Google Ads channel with other forms of online advertising.


Pay for effects. The cost and reach of the ad can be estimated before you even launch your first Google Ads campaign. You can settle costs per click, number of banner impressions (CPM), ad views (CPV), or pay directly for conversion (CPA).

Advertising formats

With Google Ads you can start or support marketing activities in your business.

Check which campaign format is right for you. If you are not convinced, write to us!

Search campaigns

Be where potential customers are looking. Advertising on Google search engine is extremely effective and its effects are immediate.

Display Network campaigns

Advertise via banners on the most popular websites and YouTube.

Campaigns promoting applications

Campaigns promoting applications facilitate advertising in the most popular Google services such as search engine, Google Play, YouTube, and the Google advertising network.

Shopping campaigns

Sell ​​products through Google search ad. Highly effective – product, price, seller, shipping costs – this is the decisive information about the purchase and is already visible directly in the search results.

Video campaigns

Video ads on YouTube and the Google Display Network.

Gmail campaigns

Advertising in the Gmail mail client.

About Push Agency

We are a small team of specialists in the field of Google Ads marketing and web development. Both sectors are closely related and dependent. Combining experience, we can offer our clients not only effective marketing activities, but also support business development by providing access to the latest solutions in the field of websites.

Before you decide, a few words about how we operate.

We are not a corporation. We approach each client individually ?

Who you are?


Write us about your business and the goals you want to achieve thanks to advertising. If you have experience in internet marketing let us know. We will be able to draw constructive conclusions and customize the offer.

Is Google Ads the right ad for you?


We operate based on performance marketing, i.e. performance marketing. We want you not to “burn” the budget for ads that are not effective.

How much it will cost?


Before you even launch the first campaign, we are able to estimate the cost you will have to pay for the advertisement.

To work!


We prefer to act than think. However, if you are still hesitating, there is a section with the most frequently asked questions in which we answer.

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Are you interested in cooperation?

Questions and Answers


What will be the reach and cost of the campaign?

In the case of Google Ads campaigns, before you cooperate, we will prepare a report for you in which we will estimate the cost and scope of the campaigns you would like to carry out.

How do we account for activities?

We charge for the costs of preparing and running a campaign. All amounts and rates are determined and specified in the contract.

1. The fee for preparing a campaign occurs even before you launch your first campaign.

2. The costs of running the campaign on the basis of a monthly VAT invoice.

3. Other activities, the scope of which goes beyond the first 2 points are settled according to the hourly rate.