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If you need a website or want to improve your current one, here we are! A comprehensive approach, from the choice of server, domain and system and graphic theme to the implementation of analytical tools.

We have 2019, so the standard is that the site will be adapted to all mobile devices and optimized in every browser.

Online Marketing

You already have a wabsite, what’s next? Do you want to attract customers through online advertising?

We have experience of running campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn and we are openly sharing it. We will indicate which channels and internet marketing formats will be suitable for your business, and if you already conduct activities that do not bring the intended results, we can audit and advise you with our experience.

Advanced Analytics

The key to drawing the right conclusions is knowing how users navigate your site.

With the help of appropriate analytical tools, you’ll be able to track user traffic and get information about when users and how they are achieving or why they are not achieving the goals that your site should meet.



Functional websites adapted to phones, tablets, desktops.

Easy to manage

Admin panel allowing intuitive content modification

For you and the world

Allowing expansion of the business to the city, all of Poland or other countries



We know that the site is your business card and allows you to sell more


The appearance of the site matters to your customers


A well-made website is your profit!

Online marketing

Google Ads

Search and text ads in search engines, graphic banners and videos on the Display Network and YouTube are the possibilities that Google Ads offers. We offer complete services in the field of running campaigns on Google platforms.


Advertising on Facebook is a great place to build brand awareness and relationships with customers. Gather your business fans, get feedback on your products. If this channel is for you, we will choose the right strategy and advertising format.



LinkedIn’s advantage is primarily based on the ability to precisely target ads to specific professional groups, industries or directly to companies. Do you have a product / service that you offer in the B2B system? LinkedIn is the place for you.

Advertising creations

We work with trusted graphic designers and animators. We make sure that every marketing project implemented before it is published is in line with the client’s expectations and assumptions.

Analityka i Tracking

Google Analytics

The most widespread free analytics tool for websites. Want to learn how to use Google Analytics? Which indicators and reports are the most important for your business? We will implement and train in service.


If the data and tables from Google Analytics is not enough and you want to know how users navigate the site, we can implement a tool to collect heatmaps of pages, recordings of user sessions and forms filling paths. When any page element, e.g. form or purchase path, needs improvement – Hotjar is the optimal tool for identifying problems.


Google Tag Manager

A tool that will allow you to keep all important tracking codes in one place – without having to ask the webmaster to always add the code to your website. Facebook Pixel, Hotjar, Google Analytics or dynamic remarketing – all in one tool.

Google Optimize

If you are thinking about creating or improving a page, which of your dream ideas you should choose, we recommend experimenting with Google Optimize. With the help of the tool we can create both versions of page elements – A / B tests. Google will use both algorithms to check both versions, and using the cells we measure will know which version meets customer expectations.

Audit of websites and marketing activities

Website audit

Do you want to know if your website is properly implemented? Is it optimized enough for mobile devices and speed? We will test your website!


Google Ads audit

Want to know if you could get more out of your marketing efforts? We will audit the campaigns, check the correctness of the measured conversions and propose solutions to the problems.